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College Level Examination Program

CLEP is a testing program developed by a national organization called The College Board and administered by a company called Educational Testing Service (ETS). This program allows students who already know material covered by a certain course to gain college credit by taking a test instead of the actual class. This "testing-out" of classes can often save students both a lot of time and money.

Most colleges and universities accept at least some of CLEP's thirty-four different tests. As a result, the acronym has become so well known it is common to hear it used as a verb. Instead of saying "I want to test-out of a class," people will often say "I want to clep out of a class."

This usage, however, can create some confusion, because CLEP is actually only one brand of test used for the purpose of "testing-out" of classes. The University of Utah, for example, does not accept CLEP tests for it's language requirements. A different test called the MLA is used for this purpose.

Tests Accepted by the University of Utah

Click here to learn more about College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credit.

Before registering to take a CLEP test intended to meet a University of Utah requirement, students should first go to Academic Advising Center to make sure that this is in their best interest. The University College office is located in Room 450 of the Student Services Building. The telephone number is 801-581-8146.


Each CLEP test costs a total of about $130.00. This amount is divided into two separate payments:

  • Approximately $100.00 to CLEP and the College Board
  • Approximately $30.00 to the University of Utah and Register Blast


There are two steps you need to take in order to register for a CLEP test:

  1. Go to, register and pay for the CLEP test you desire, and then print-out your admission ticket.
  2. Go to, register and pay for the CLEP time slot you desire, and then come to the Testing Center at that time.


CLEP tests are administered in the Testing Center by appointment, Monday to Friday, unless there is a holiday or some other conflict such as "Finals Week."


Most major bookstores, such as the University Bookstore, sell CLEP preparation materials. Information may also be obtained from the official CLEP website at:

Taking the Test

Test takers are expected to arrive early the day of the test. They must present government issued photo identification such as a drivers license, passport, or military I.D. card. The test will last about two hours.


Unofficial scores will be available immediately following most CLEP exams. Official score reports will be mailed by CLEP to the receiving institution approximately four weeks after the exam.

Getting Credit

It is recommended that University of Utah students who take the CLEP test hand deliver their  score reports to the Admissions office immediately following the exam. However, if they designated the University of Utah as their score recipient at the time of testing, CLEP should mail an official score report directly to the Admissions office in about four weeks. Students should then follow-up with the Admissions office approximately six weeks after taking the test to verify that the intended credit has been granted.

The Admissions Office CLEP Evaluator is located in Room 250 of the Student Services Building. The telephone number is 801-585-5220. The mailing address is:

201 S 1460 E RM 250
SALT LAKE CITY UT 84112-9027

Individuals who take CLEP tests for use at another institution must contact that institution to find out what is required to obtain credit.


CLEP will allow individuals to retake a test as early as six months after it was last taken. The University of Utah also follows this policy.

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Last Updated: 3/14/23