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Math Placement - Accuplacer

Purpose The Accuplacer brand Math Placement test is used by the University of Utah to identify the proper level of Math class for which a student should register.

The Accuplacer is a tool that helps students determine where to begin their math classes at the U of U.  After taking the Accuplacer students will receive a score report with their recommended math placement.  Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor for help determining which of the recommended classes is most appropriate for their intended major.


Students may take the Math Placement Test in the Testing Center, by appointment, during normal testing hours.  Please see the "Hours" link above for days and times.


The test is given on computer in the Testing Center by appointment.  Space is limited, so it is best to make your appointment well in advance by clicking here.


For students taking the Math Placement test on campus, it is administered in the Testing Center, located in Room 498 of the Student Services Building.  

For students living out of state, the test can be taken at a local university or community college in their area that has an Accuplacer account.  To make such arrangments students first need to call the University of Utah Testing Center during regular business hours at 801-581-8733 in order to generate a "Remote Testing Voucher."  Once that is done the student will receive instructions via email regarding how to make an appointment at the local school.  (Please note that most of these local schools will charge a fee for providing this service.)

Retakes Candidates must wait one complete week before retaking the Math Placement test.
Timing The Accuplacer is not timed by the online program.  But, the realities of running a testing center require that there be some kind of predictability in scheduling.  Thus, because the average test taker finishes within 90 minutes, the Testing Center allows test takers a maximum of two hours to finish the exam.
Cost For those first admitted to the University after Summer Semester 2011, the cost of taking the test once is covered by the Matriculation Fee, so there is no additional charge for the first administration. Thereafter, all retakes are charged at current rate posted on the registration page here.
Identification Photo Identification (drivers license, school I.D. card, passport, etc.) is required for admittance to the test. 
Calculators Calculators are not permitted.

The Accuplacer is a computer-based test, and this allows it to be adaptive to your particular skill level.  For example, if you do well on the first questions, it may skip questions that may be too easy for you, and move directly on to a more difficult type of question.  As part of the testing process, you will advance through two different tests:

  • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics (QAS)
  • Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF)

The score requirements for placement into a particular Math class are determined by the Math Department and are published in their Math Placement Guide: 


Print-outs A score report print-out will be available immediately after taking the test.  However, the scores themselves are generally only uploaded into the University's system by the Admissions Office by the next business day.

Students with specific questions or concerns regarding their placement may discuss these with the following:

Undergraduate Math Advisors: 


The Math Placement Test primarily covers Algebra, with a little Trigonometry.  A variety of Math study guides are generally available at most bookstores and libraries.  Besides these, there are also online resources.  The following links, for example, lead to free practice tests and other study materials:

Note: The Testing Center does not necessarily endorse any of these resources and is not responsible for their content.

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