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Language Credit

The University of Utah grants credit to individuals who have learned a foreign language by immersing themselves in another culture via military service, Peace Corps duty, a religious mission, etc.  There are two main ways this can be done via testing:


The Avant Assessment is a computer-based test administered in the offices of the Department of Languages and Literature located in Room 1400 of the Language and Communication Building (LNCO). Interested parties should call that office at 801-581-7561 to obtain more information and to register for the exam. Languages for which there is an Avant test include Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, French, and Spanish.


For these and all other languages, the University of Utah will also accept the results of a computer-based test developed by Brigham Young University called the FLATS.   The FLATS can be taken at scores of satellite testing locations around the country, including the University of Utah Testing Center located in Room 498 of the Student Services Building.  Those who wish to take the FLATS at the University of Utah need to register to take the test with both BYU and the University of Utah and pay their respective fees:

1.  To register with BYU, and to obtain more information about the FLATS, please click on the following link:

While registering on the FLATS website, candidates will be asked to provide the contact information for the location where they would like to take the test.  The contact information for the University of Utah is the following:

University of Utah Testing Center
201 S. 1400 E. RM. 498
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Phone:  801-581-8733

2.  To register with the University of Utah, please click on the button below and follow the prompts:

schedule a test

Last Updated: 1/18/22