Writing Placement


The University of Utah requires completion of Writing 2010 with a grade of C- or higher for all native English speakers who receive undergraduate degrees.  The Writing Placement Essay is used to see if a student is ready to take this course, or if they need to take Writing 1010 first.  However, even those students who desire to begin with Writing 1010 are required to first take the Writing Placement Essay.

Admissions Index

Most entering native speakers are assigned to a freshman writing course based upon their Admissions Index.  This number is derived from a student's High School grade point average and their ACT or SAT score.  The only students who are required to take the Writing Placement Essay are those who were admitted without being assigned an Admissions Index or who wish to challenge their placement.


The Writing Placement Essay is a take home test.  Students simply come to the Testing Center, pick up the instructions, and then bring back a completed essay three days later.


The essay is free to all matriculated students, because the matriculation fee they were charged on their first tuition bill covered the cost of the essay.


Students can obtain instructions from the Testing Center, and then return completed essays to this same location, during Test Proctoring Service hours.  (Please see link above.)


The Testing Center is located in Room 498 of the Student Services Building.  (In the evening the main lobby entrance is locked.  Candidates can enter through the Prometric Center in Room 490.)


The essay evaluators take into consideration such things as cohesion, expression, organization, and grammar.  Anything that prepares a candidate in these areas would prove helpful. 


All regular Writing Placement Essays are rated by the Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies.  This is usually done a few times each semester.  The results are then sent to each candidate via email.  Retakes are allowed after one year.  Upon receiving the results, students may register for the appropriate Writing class just as they would any other course. 


Individuals with questions about their Admission Index or Writing Placement rating may contact:

Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies
3700 LNCO

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