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Students New to the University of Utah

Many students new the the University of Utah are required to take math placement exams. Math placement exams are used by the university to identify the proper level of math class for which a student should register. We recommend students take their test before New Student Orientation so they can register for their classes while they are on campus.  Below are three different ways to take the test. For more information about the Accuplacer and how to prepare for it, please go HERE


Taking the Accuplacer at a Location Close to You

For students living out of state, the test can be taken at a local university or community college in their area. To make such arrangements, students must first contact the local school to confirm their willingness to proctor the exam and to obtain their contact information. Once that is done, students then call the University of Utah Testing Center at 801-581-8733 to provide them this contact information. At that point the Testing Center will make the technical arrangements necessary so that the student can take the test at the remote location and still have the results applied to their University of Utah record.

Scheduling an Appointment at The University of Utah Testing Center 

Please click on the button below and follow the prompts:

Schedule a Test


       Testing Hours are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Tuesday 4:30pm-8:30pm

Students must be done with the assessment at the time testing hours end. While the exam does not have a time limit, most students take about 1.5 hours to complete. Because of this, the latest we start students on the assessment is 2 hours before the time we close.

        The Testing Center is located in the Student Services Building (SSB), Room 498.

Walk-ins at The University of Utah Testing Center 

The University Testing Center allows students to walk in on a first come-first served basis. In the summer months there are usually seats available. However, many students need to take the Accuplacer during orientation, and fewer seats may be available. Scheduling a test before orientation allows students to register for the correct classes during orientation. Therefore, we suggest taking your exams at a scheduled time or at a location closer to home before orientation. 

What to bring on test day:

  • Please bring your student ID card, which you should get at orientation. If you do not have a student ID card yet, then you will need a photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • There is no fee for the first time you take the Accuplacer as long as you take it at the University of Utah. If you would like to retest, the fee for each time after the first attempt. You must also wait 7 days until you can retest.
  • You are not allowed a calculator, but scratch paper and pencils will be provided for you.
  • Since it is a computerized exam, a score report will be available directly after you complete the assessment and you will receive a printout. There may be a 24-hour delay until the University’s registration system is updated and the scores are uploaded into Admissions.
Last Updated: 2/20/18