Directions to Milton Bennion Hall

Milton Bennion Hall


Milton Bennion Hall (MBH)
University of Utah
1705 E Campus Center Drive
Salt Lake City UT 84112

Directions from Downtown

  1. Drive East on 400 South:  As you reach the foothills, 400 South will curve so that it's name changes to 500 South by the time you are on top of the hill.  Continue driving East on 500 South until you come to the 1580 East intersection.  (Note:  The street 1580 East is known as Campus Center Drive on the North side and Guardsman Way on the South side.)
  2. Turn left on 1580 East:  You will now be facing North.  Continue driving North on 1580 East until you come to the South Campus Drive intersection.  This is a very short stretch of road so move into the right-hand turn lane early.
  3. Turn right on South Campus Drive:  You will now be facing East.  Continue driving East on South Campus Drive until you come to Campus Center Drive.  This will be an access road on your left.
  4. Turn left on 1725 East:  You will now be facing North.  Continue driving North on 1725 East until the road turns and you see a large parking lot on your right.  Please visit the Commuter Services website ( for questions regarding the days, times, and rates they charge for parking.  Please do not park in handicapped spaces without proper permits, nor in fire lanes at anytime.  There are sever penalties for doing so.
  5. Milton Bennion Hall (MBH) is situated across the street on the North side of the Parking lot.