Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible?

A: Any currently enrolled University of Utah student is eligible for LD/ADHD testing with the Testing Center. Appointments are given on a first come, first served basis, and after all available slots are filled, students can be referred to providers in the community who conduct testing.

Q: How do I get started?

A: An appointment is required for LD/ADHD testing. To schedule an appointment, simply call the University of Utah Testing Center at (801) 581-8773 or stop by room 498 of the Student Services Building during business hours. Schedule early in the semester as appointments are limited!

Q: How much does the testing cost?

A: Testing costs $500. The testing intake is free of charge, and half ($250) is due at your following two testing appointments. If you cancel an appointment less than 72 hours in advance, or do not show for your appointment, you will be charged a $50 late cancellation/no-show fee.

Q: How many appointments are required, and how long does testing last?

A: The entire testing process is comprehensive and time-intensive, so it is conducted over four appointments and may take up to 3 weeks from start to finish.

  • Appointment 1: The Testing Intake will be an in-depth history and informational interview that will last approximately two hours (no charge).
  • Appointment 2: The Testing Screening will last approximately 1 hour and includes completing several short tasks and questionnaires (first fee installment of $250 due).
  • Appointment 3: The Testing Assessment will last approximately 4 hours and will include two assessments (second fee installment of $250 due).
  • Appointment 4: The Testing Feedback session will last about an hour and is where you receive a copy of your testing report, your results are explained, and you are provided with recommendations.

Q: If I attend some, but not all, of the appointments, can I still receive my testing report?

A: All four appointments are required and all fees must be paid in full in order to receive a complete LD/ADHD evaluation a final testing report.

Q: If I go through testing, does that mean I will receive testing accommodations in classes?

A: While we make recommendations that sometimes include testing accommodations, going through testing does not guarantee that you will receive a diagnosis of a learning disability or be eligible to receive accommodations. The Center for Disability Services and the University of Utah make the final decision to enact any testing accommodations or recommendations suggested by the Testing Center.

Q: What are my other options for testing?

A: There are many local providers in the community who also will do testing. If you have insurance that covers LD/ADHD testing, or are willing to pay out of pocket, or will be leaving the university before you can complete testing, this may be a faster option. At your request, you will be provided with a list of providers in the community who conduct testing.


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