What is LD/ADHD testing?

LD/ADHD testing is an extensive process that requires an in-depth interview and cognitive, achievement, personality, and attention testing. This process is helpful to better understanding how individuals learn, process, and remember information, as well as assess the presence, severity, and scope of any potential learning disorders. In addition, this comprehensive assessment allows us to get a sense of your strengths and weakness, and make recommendations that will help you address problem-areas.

Getting started:

To get started, you simply need to call (801) 581-8733 or stop by the Testing Center (room 498 of the Student Services Building) to set up your initial testing interview. This intake appointment is free of charge and if it seems like something other than testing is your best option, you will be provided with referrals to other helpful resources.

What to expect at your first appointment for LD/ADHD testing:

At your first appointment, you will participate in the testing interview where you will be asked about your symptoms that are bringing you in for testing, your academic history and current functioning. If you have a testing report from a previous LD/ADHD assessment, you are encouraged to bring these to your first appointment. In addition, we’ll ask about family, medical, mental health histories to get a better understanding of the different that have an impact on/are impacted by learning difficulties.

Testing FAQ's

After Testing

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