After LD/ADHD Testing

What happens next after I complete testing?

After you complete testing, you will attend a feedback session where the results of your assessment are explained, and where you will also receive a copy of your report. At this point, you will also receive recommendations about strategies that will help you to address problem-areas. If applicable, we may recommend academic accommodations, psychiatry services, or psychological counseling. We will explain your options, help you to choose which feels right for you, and provide information about how to get started.

What are my different treatment options and resources?

If you are interested in ADHD medication and receiving psychological counseling:

Psychiatry services are available to University of Utah students who are simultaneously receiving group or individual counseling with the University Counseling Center. Students wishing to receive only medication management, but not concurrent psychological counseling, are not eligible.

If you are interested in ADHD medication only:

Students who wish to receive medication management, but are not interested in receiving counseling through the University Counseling Center, will be provided with referrals to other local providers.

If you are interested in Academic Accommodations:

All students requesting accommodations must go through the Center for Disability Services. Students will need to provide documentation that support their request for accommodations and supply a recent testing report. Guidelines for acceptable forms of documentation are available here.

Additional Information and Resources for learning disabilities

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